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The Wisdom Tree

Brendan Davis

 written by  Becca Kane

written by Becca Kane

Living in LA is like living inside a headache. A headache that's hot, vibrant, and makes you feel as if there are a million different thoughts (or people) crammed into your brain.

Don’t get me wrong; LA is beautiful and full of opportunity- just a bit hectic at times.

In those times it's hard to get out of that headache, especially when you spend countless hours in traffic, living right in the thick of the madness. But above all the craziness, rest these mountains, which crest upon the sky.

One peak in particular houses a single tree standing alone on top of the hills, overlooking it all. Hikers call it the ‘Wisdom Tree’.

And ironically, the discoverers of this wondrous hiking spot are the ones to bring wisdom to the tree itself, building it up what it is today. Visitors contribute journals, poems, and any sort of their own 'wisdom' to peak. Even quotes or words of encouragement are etched into the branches and rocks near by.

The tree has a lot of power in it. Just the concept of being high up, overlooking the vast city below can make you feel a multitude of different ways; anything from a sense of powerfulness, to small and squandering in a sea of unknown.

The climb isn't just an ordinary hike by any means. It is a 30-minute experience to the top with exciting views and exhausting hills. Every time is a new adventure, and being fortunate enough to live a few feet away from the start of the climb, us neighbors of the wisdom wood tend to visit it often. We've climbed in the heat and the whipping winds, with rain. We climb in the dead of the day and at the break of dawn. No matter what, we all seem to gravitate to the popular spot.

While the pine is a symbol of wisdom, the wisest things that come from it are the notes, poems and words of encouragement brought from others. Hikers, travellers, those active enough to summit the top do so with pride and a sense of accomplishment to leave a piece of mind on the property of the wise. Which is what makes it so special. This certain hiking spot brings about a community of active people who carry the weight of their dreams, thoughts, aspirations and advice uphill for all future wanderers to discover.

It’s comforting knowing that even in the hectic headache of LA, I can still find my own sort of wisdom with the mountains above; a vast community connected though notes that inspire others to live life to the fullest and in the best possible way.