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Ithaca NY

Just some stories in the lives of passionate people. 


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Brendan Davis

 a travel journal by Shai Ben-Dor

a travel journal by Shai Ben-Dor

I find solace in the wandering eyes of children. The affirmation of inherent human curiosity. They reach and ponder at the unknown, a normal site for most, but to them each moment is something exciting and new to behold. They speak without thought and listen without care. Slowly but simply learning the world we live in. 

How do we lose this curiosity? Or rather, where does it go? There is never an absence of knowledge to be obtained, so why cease our wandering spirit? Let your eyes wild and gander at the splendor that is the earth we live in. 

Beauty is found in more places then one would think. The genuine smiles of strangers hold time captive, lost in the moment of legitimate human connection. Forgetting, only for a moment, that we understand and lose ourselves in the engaging curiosity in another’s eyes.