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Ithaca NY

Just some stories in the lives of passionate people. 

One Perfect Night


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One Perfect Night

Brendan Davis

This story starts with me and a few people I worked with laying in a field. To some people, it was an ordinary night but to me it was special. It was my last night at the camp I had been at for 13 years. It also happened to be the night of a meteor shower. To those who don’t know me, I love looking at the stars. When I look at the stars and think about everything out in the universe, I feel small but I also feel lucky to be alive. In a universe larger than any living being on this planet can comprehend, what are the chances that I am born, let alone I meet people that I consider friends. The meteor shower was just a bonus. This brings me back to lying in this field. It being my last night at camp, I was determined to make it last as long as I could. Slowly, the group shrunk as people went off to bed. After a while, the only two people left lying in this field were me and my best friend. By this point, the meteor shower was at its peak as streaks of white light dashed across the sky giving us our personal awe-inspiring show. As we lay there, we talked about our lives, who we wanted to become and who we already are as we nostalgically shared our favorite memories. In between each story, we would lay there in silence, sometimes for minutes while other times for just a second longer than normal, enjoying each-other’s presence and taking in the night knowing nights like these do not come around often. Looking back, it was in these silent moments that night that we bonded more than during our conversations. We were able to understand each other on a level higher than words can take any person. To connect to another person like that is the feeling that time could stop and life would be perfect. Any worries I may have had vanished for those moments as the most important thing I would ever do in my life was to take in that feeling and make a memory I could never forget. I do not know how long we laid there. It may have been hours or just 30 minutes. It does not really matter. Eventually we both decided to go to sleep as we had campers to deal with in the morning. As I crawled into bed and reflected on the night, I was the happiest I could be because for that one night, my life was perfect.