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Ithaca NY

Just some stories in the lives of passionate people. 



Started in a Garage

Started in 2012, as a form of inspiring high school classmates to choose a college major that really inspired them to live in the world and not just make money. Selling hand printed t-shirts  made in my garage with a screen press I didn't know how to use. The shirts were made to promote the message "Possess a Passion" that was told through videos of teachers and peers sharing their stories of passion. 

It has developed over time into the story of various people living passionate active lifestyles. We share stories of everyday expeditions and try to instill an appreciation for the real moments in life. Experiencing all sorts of feelings is what living is all about. To me it's the idea that drinking coffee with a pretty girl is just as real as getting chased out of an abandoned hospital by a man with a machete (Both things equally as terrifying). 

Realize the real moments

Our Vision is that we will live in a society where people can value every day.

Our Mission is to inspire people to spend time appreciating the good things that happen everyday while at the same time making moves to go beyond their comfort zones and enjoy new real moments.